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>Fitted Buddy Bear Bottoms (say that 10x fast!)

>Buddy Bear Bottoms are made by a work at home mom, and sold on Hyenacart.  P.S. Read here if you’re curious about the website name. Sellers do not stock items continuously, and beause of the nature of the items/craft, diapers are … Continue reading

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>Kushies Ultra Lite

> I did not have high hopes for this Kushies Baby Ultra Lite Washable Diaper.  I ended up being pleasantly surprised and actually rather impressed. I want to preface this by saying most experienced cloth diaperers have said they hate … Continue reading

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>Testing, testing 1 2 3…

> A lot of diaper makers get started because there is some need that is not being met by other diapers.  If she decides to sell to others, she needs to see how her diapers fit on babies of other … Continue reading

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>Yum! (or Poison! depending on who you are)

>I’m a terrible photographer, even with a little knowledge and an expensive (borrowed) camera.  Still, I thought these apples and plums baking were worthy of a quick shot with my point-and-shoot. I know I started this blog to write about … Continue reading

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>Yes, I’m still here.

> I’m still here, and I’m still rinsing diapers! I got my RLR laundry treatment.  I can’t keep my kiddo in disposables, even a few hours leaves his hiney with raised, red welts.  So I bought two packets and washed … Continue reading

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>It’s spreading

>I’ve been wanting to switch to cloth napkins for a while, but I haven’t been able to find quite what I’m looking for, nor have I been ready to commit to the initial cost.  I’ve also learned about unpapertowels, and … Continue reading

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>It’s on now!

> Yesterday I decided to declare war.  It’s full fledged warfare, me vs. the diapers. I started by soaking them in bac out and lil outlaws most of the day.  Then I did a cold heavy duty wash with a 3 hour … Continue reading

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>Not that kind of stripping

>Well. I’d hoped that since I’ve been using Lil Outlaws detergent and cloth safe diaper cream, I wouldn’t have to strip my diapers.  I’ve finally succumbed to the microfiber stink!  They weren’t particularly offensive, just rather musty smelling.  This particular smell … Continue reading

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>Another Addiction

>Well, cloth diapering is addictive enough.  Throw in Lil Outlaws‘ great products and delicious scents, and the case is closed.  I’m addicted. I had been spending an unhealthy amount of time looking at all the fragrance descriptions already, and when I … Continue reading

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>Rumparooz with snaps

>I’ve tried a few diapers with snaps and velcro is still my preference. I like that snap diapers seem to look new longer, no snagging & diaper chaining either. I also hear that although you may have to replace a … Continue reading

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