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>Drool Drool!

>I want this diaper!!  I’m so in love with that print! You need flash to view their website and I can’t link directly to the item, but I really want to try one of their night time diapers with the optional … Continue reading

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>DryBees Fleece Night Diapers

> I’ve been hunting for a night diapering solution that won’t leave clothing and sheet soaked in the morning. I had been using a Bumgenius 3.0 on the large setting (we use medium during the day) with an insert and … Continue reading

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>Planet Wise Wipes

> The color is a little weird on the photos in the next few posts.  When you have munchkins you gotta do what you can when you can.  Thusly, I had to take photos when it was getting dark, plus … Continue reading

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>Stock Annoyance

>To make a very long rant a little shorter… I cannot stand having to try to track stuff down that I want to buy.  I can understand if it’s a rare or discontinued item.  If it’s a currently produced item, … Continue reading

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>Piggy Paint

> Do any other children of the 1980’s remember Tinkerbell cosmetics?  I was clearly not a label reader when I was a little kid, but I remember that this was peel off polish and made for kids.  My daughter loves … Continue reading

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>Goodmama One

> Goodmama diapers are very popular.  They’re quite pricey, and some hard to find prints can go for even more, even used! They’re most well known for their fitteds, but they also make an All-in-One. They sell exclusive prints through … Continue reading

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>We’re having some seriously crazy weather here.   Before it began a week ago, someone reminded me to “buy formula and diapers.”  I didn’t have to worry about either of those things since I breastfeed and cloth diaper. I didn’t have … Continue reading

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