>DryBees Fleece Night Diapers


I’ve been hunting for a night diapering solution that won’t leave clothing and sheet soaked in the morning.

I had been using a Bumgenius 3.0 on the large setting (we use medium during the day) with an insert and 3 doublers.  It was working OK I suppose, though usually my son’s pajamas were wet on the back right above the diaper.

Since it’s winter, he’s also been using a fleece sleep sack.  That has helped somewhat, since it at least keeps the sheet dry.

Lately however, he’s woken up even wetter.  All the stuffing also sometimes causes a gap at his leg.  He often rolls onto his side to sleep, which caused him to pee right out of the leg gap, soaking everything and waking himself up!

I’ve been looking for something else to try.  Enter DryBees.

I bought a DryBees Fleece Night Time diaper from Abby’s Lane.  I found a coupon code for 5% off, got free shipping, had $3 in my Paypal account from a survey, and Abby’s Lane included a free microfiber insert. not bad for $15.52!

I really liked the charcoal color, but they didn’t have the size I needed, so I bought sage.  I chose a medium, which should fit 14-22 lbs.

The outer is heavy weight Malden Mills Windpro fleece and the inner is suede cloth.

The inner is definitely stiffer and rougher than the micro fleece inner most of my other diapers have.

I tried the diaper on Saturday during the day, just to see how it fit.  I used just the microfiber insert it came with, and it was great.  It fit fine and didn’t leak.

I tried it overnight on Sunday.  I stuffed it with the microfiber insert it came with, a Blueberry bamboo doubler and two hemp doublers.  It was a tight squeeze into the pocket, which is tighter than the Bumgenius pockets.

It didn’t seem any bulkier than the BG I usually over-stuff at night.

The next morning, his back was wet, but the inserts weren’t completely soaked.  I thought maybe it was user error?  I quickly washed & dried them to try again Tuesday night.  Wednesday morning, he woke up with EVERYthing soaked.  Pajamas, sleep sack, sheets, everything.  The microfiber insert was not soaking wet but the hemp was.  That made me suspect that it had something to do with the hemp being up against the fleece.

Wednesday (last night), I tried again.  First, I tried to use the microfiber insert it came with, along with 3 microfiber doublers (two from Happy Heiny’s and one from FuzziBunz).

I actually couldn’t fit all that in the pocket, so I ditched one of the HH doublers.

I fit it all in the pocket!
Fluffy and squishy, but no leg gap!

This morning, all the inserts were soaking wet, and so was he.

So, I’m trying other things!  I ordered a Heartland Dreams fitted, a Kissaluvs Wool Soaker and Eucalan Wool Wash (click that link for info on requesting a free sample.  I’ll post about wool when I get that stuff.

I also ordered Knickernappies LoopyDo and SuperDo inserts.  I’ll figure this out yet!  I’m guessing I will end up having to use multiple super inserts along with a wool cover!

November 2010 update: I gave up on this diaper; so many people love it but it just didn’t work for us.  Here’s what worked for us at night, after a lot of trial and error:

Dypes by Dixon Sweet Slumber Fleece Diaper or a Bumgenius pocket, stuffed with a Superdo insert, a loopydo with an added natural fiber doubler, or a regular microfiber insert with a natural fiber doubler.  I always put the microfiber in the pocket on the baby side and the doubler underneath (or in the middle of the loopydo.)  This allows the microfiber to quickly absorb liquid, and the doubler locks it away (yes, I feel like a paper towel commercial.)

What has also worked for us is a super absorbent fitted, like the Guerilla Fluff Utilitarian with a night-time wool interlock soaker over top.

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6 Responses to >DryBees Fleece Night Diapers

  1. >Have you tried LolliDoos?Or Thirsties Duo Diaper?I have also tried CC bums at night. It seems these haven't leaked yet. However, what I have found that if the above are dirty then I used a fitted and cover and never any problems. Good Luck in your search

  2. Maria says:

    >Thanks for the suggestions, I haven't tried either. Seems everyone finds their favorite through trial & error and there's no "one size fits all" solution. Hope I find our solution before I go broke, LOL!

  3. Angela says:

    >I know this sounds wiered but blueberry diapers. I hardly ever have a leak with them. I have never tried a night time diaper. Honestly, didn't even know their was such a thing:) Where is a good place to find some for cheap? Gotta build my stash more lol

  4. Maria says:

    >I know what you mean! I have a Blueberry Bamboo that I always use when we're going out/in the car and it never leaks! What kind of diapers are you looking to build your stash with? 🙂

  5. >You might just be overstuffing this one. We use this for night and have had good luck through two girl babies. With my first I used a small and a large microfiber. On the second I use 2 large microfibers. If you are using hemp or bamboo doublers, you should make sure the microfiber is on top, as it absorbs faster. Another night option I've been dying to try is Krap Katchers Stuff Em Silly. It's also a fleece pocket. The best night solution I've had so far, actually, is a Nifty Nappy Fitted with 2 inserts under a wool wrap or wool longies.

  6. Maria says:

    >This was from about 9 months ago, when my son was a SUPER heavy wetter! I had the best luck with Superdo inserts, now I can do that, a loopydo with doubler, or even a single microfiber insert with a natural fiber doubler.But yes, I always do microfiber on top. 🙂

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