>Stroller Blanket From Nikki’s Little House – Review

>Nikki's Little House Stroller Blanket

Nikki’s Little House sells all kinds of fabulous products, from cloth diapers to Melissa & Doug toys.  Nikki also has a Hyenacart store where she sells her hand made items.  You may or may not remember the custom Birthday Monster shirt and I Heart Dad shirts she made for me.

I had been eying her stroller blankets for a while, and when the monster print was on sale for $15 (regularly $20), I grabbed it!

toy loops

It even has loops to attach toys for little ones!

loops to stroller

The blanket snaps on to the stroller to keep it securely attached.  When my daughter was little, I ran over her blanket many times, and occasionally she’d toss it out without my noticing. That would mean backtracking my 4 mile loop to find it!

snaps to form boot

The blanket snaps at the bottom to form a boot to cover tootsies.

can be used unsnapped

You can also use it unsnapped for bigger kids.

The blanket I bought is a super cute monster print on the front, with green trim and backing.

monster print

Here it is all snapped to the stroller:

snapped to stroller

Here you can see how the “boot” covers the foot thingie on the stroller.

no cold toes

I’m able to take my son out for a walk and have him tucked in snugly the whole time!  The blanket is very well made and nice and soft and thick!

I am getting ready to order new I heart Dad shirts for both kids, my daughter wanted to wear them to pick up Daddy from the airport (business trip), and she was sad that she & her brother both were outgrowing them!

FTC Compliance: I paid normal retail price for this item.  I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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4 Responses to >Stroller Blanket From Nikki’s Little House – Review

  1. Nikki says:

    >Maria, thank you for the review! I had no idea you were going to do one for it. I am so glad you like the blanket and shirts 🙂 I enjoy making them!!

  2. Amanda T says:

    >LOL! Thank you for the great comment on my blog. Truly made me laugh. LOLOL At a snobby rat wearing pearls ^.^! Great review by the way! I love the pattern you picked!

  3. >Ah, that is soo cute! Love the monsters and what a great concept!

  4. >Hi! I am a long time follower and love your blog, so I decided to pass along an award to you! It can be seen here:http://alturl.com/3z2okHave a great day!Brandyhttp://www.NewlyCrunchyMamaOf3.com

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