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>Bumkins Dr. Seuss AIO Cloth Diaper Bundle Review

> I was lucky and won a Bumkins Dr. Seuss Cloth Diaper Bundle in size large from Knocked up and Nursing!   The bundle came with three AIO Diapers, which retail for $17.95 each (list price $24.95.)  Three absorbency inserts (retail $9.95 for … Continue reading

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>Five months!!

> I’ve been cloth diapering for five months now!  I’m loving it so much and I feel so dumb for hesitating before finally diving in!  That photo was one of the first 3 BumGenius 3.0 diapers I bought, “just to … Continue reading

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>A new year and a little recap

> I’ve been cloth diapering now for around 12 weeks. I’ve done a lot of boring estimations and calculations.  The conclusion is that the diapers I’ve purchased have paid for themselves.  That includes all money I’ve spent as well as gifts and … Continue reading

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>Huuuuuuge giveaway!

>This is the best diaper giveaway I’ve ever seen!  Diaper Junction is giving $300 worth of cloth diaper products.  The winner gets to choose!  That is enough $ to be able to CD full time! Go enter!  Go go go!

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>Go with the flow

>The best piece of advice I could give for getting started with cloth is to go with the flow.  People who know me well know how unlike me that really is.  I wish I were easygoing, but I’m just not.  … Continue reading

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>Biokleen Bac Out

>I had noticed that some of my diapers, specifically the BumGenius, had a stinky smell to them.  It seems that “microfiber stink” is fairly common, but the stink I was experiencing wasn’t an ammonia or urine smell, it’s more of … Continue reading

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>Lil Outlaws Detergent

>One of the moms from one of my cloth diaper groups owns lil’ outlaws.  She makes/sells diaper safe laundry detergent, cloth wipe solution concentrate, cloth safe diaper cream and more. She honored my special request and packed my order with … Continue reading

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