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>Five months!!

> I’ve been cloth diapering for five months now!  I’m loving it so much and I feel so dumb for hesitating before finally diving in!  That photo was one of the first 3 BumGenius 3.0 diapers I bought, “just to … Continue reading

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>Cloth doll diapers

>It’s not that difficult to find cheap, single layer flannel doll diapers, like the ones that come with American Girl Bitty Baby. However, I’ve been suckered into buying my daughter a Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll for her birthday next month.  I … Continue reading

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>This ain’t your Grandma’s diaper!

>While you can still get prefold diapers, pins and plastic “pants,” cloth diapers are more like disposables than ever. My head was swimming with the options, this doesn’t even touch on all of them. I finally decided that to make … Continue reading

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>Um, what?

>When I was expecting my daughter 5 years ago, a friend gave me some info on cloth diapers.  I thought about it, but quickly dismissed them.  I was about to be someone’s MOM for heavens sakes!!  I was already going … Continue reading

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