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>Rumparooz Doll Diapers Review

> Rumparooz makes doll diapers when they have enough PUL to make a batch.  I couldn’t resist, and I snagged two for my daughter.  I had the urge to buy one in each color, but at $4 a pop, I had … Continue reading

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>A cloth booty for Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo!

>As I said in my previous post, my daughter wanted a Baby Alive doll for her 5th Birthday.  Since her Birthday was today (Happy Birthday!), I can finally post some good photos of the diapers I bought for her doll!  … Continue reading

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>Cloth doll diapers

>It’s not that difficult to find cheap, single layer flannel doll diapers, like the ones that come with American Girl Bitty Baby. However, I’ve been suckered into buying my daughter a Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll for her birthday next month.  I … Continue reading

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