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>HFCS Free Vermont Bread

> I’m OK with high fructose corn syrup in moderation, but when it’s in every flipping thing on the store shelves, moderation is hard to achieve!  I’ve been trying to find other options for anything containing HFCS which we buy … Continue reading

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>Making yogurt without a yogurt maker A.K.A. Crock Pot Yogurt

> I looked at yogurt makers a few years ago, but dismissed the idea because of the cost and space issue, as well as mixed reviews.  When I saw this blog post about making yogurt in your crock pot, I knew … Continue reading

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>Happy Baby Organic Finger Food for Babies

> I’ve made baby food for both of my children, but commercial finger foods still come in very handy when kids are learning to self feed.  Easy to pick up and melt in their mouths quickly, letting them get used … Continue reading

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>Ricemellow Fluffernutter

> Go ahead and make a corny joke about this being “fluff” in my blog.  However, this fluff is anything but “corny.”  In fat, it has no corn syrup at all! Regular marshmallow fluff contains: corn syrup, sugar syrup, dried … Continue reading

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>C is for cookie

> No, this isn’t about diapers, but who doesn’t like cookies?  In all seriousness, I hope no one minds if I talk about other natural/green/earth friendly etc. products every now and again.  I have a ton of diaper, diaper related … Continue reading

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