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>Foray into Solids

> My son has started a little bit of solid food so far.  I bid a fond farewell to exclusively breastfed poop, which washes right out and does not need to be rinsed. When babies are older, you can just … Continue reading

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>Go with the flow

>The best piece of advice I could give for getting started with cloth is to go with the flow.  People who know me well know how unlike me that really is.  I wish I were easygoing, but I’m just not.  … Continue reading

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>Oh Poop

>Right now, poop on a cloth diaper ain’t no thang.  Breastfed baby poo is water soluble, so you can just throw em in the washer.  As baby gets older, you can just flip it in the potty & be on … Continue reading

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