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>Video Demo of the Dunk & Swish (& Flush) Method

>A few readers had asked for a video of my dunk and swish method.  Since I love you guys, I obliged.  I don’t like the sound of my voice, and I did my fair share of stammering since I was … Continue reading

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>Where do you you keep your diaper pail and, um…"stuff"?

> We spend the majority of our time downstairs and consequently, that’s where I change most of my son’s diapers.  Our half bath is pretty stark, and I’ve been looking for some wall art or something ever since we moved … Continue reading

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>Ever wished you could throw a diaper away?

>To attempt to make a long(er) story short(er), a few weeks ago, I was totally there.  My son had been drinking some juice (side note: before you worry that your child’s dark urine is because of dehydration or a UTI, … Continue reading

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>Mailbox Mondays 11/1/10

> Every Monday I will answer user submitted questions. They don’t have to be about cloth diapering! I’ll always answer questions via email, but if you would like your question to be answered in a Mailbox Mondays post, send an … Continue reading

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